With the United States Supreme Court ruling Friday that same sex marriage is legal in all 50 states, Webster Parish Clerk of Court Holli Vining says her office will not be issuing the licenses until they have heard from legal counsel.

“I’m not going to be issuing any (same sex marriage) licenses until further advice from the attorney general,” she said. “At this time, he’s issued a statement saying that there’s no effective date in the Supreme Court ruling. So we’re just waiting for advice from legal counsel.”

Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell issued a statement following the ruling, saying he was



  1. this is not about same-sex marriage! This is about dismantling and redefining society. There are four pillars that hold society together. These are institutions that are critical to any functioning group. Without them, the survival of the group is in peril. They are government, business, family, and religion. This attack is on the family. How can a group that makes up less than 5% of US society have so much political power to be able to force the rest of us to accept them as “normal”? When states pass anti same-sex laws and an unelected group of seven lawyers is able to nullify the wills of the states, something is terribly wrong. Justices Kagan and Ginsberg were openly gay-friendly and if the supreme court was conducted like the civil courts below it, those justices would have recused themselves because they were not capable of rendering an unbiased opinion.

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