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Jim Bonsall to remain Webster Parish Police Jury president

by Minden Press-Herald

District 6 Police Juror Jim Bonsall was elected Monday morning to serve as the Webster Parish Police Jury president for another year.

Bonsall, elected unanimously, expressed his gratitude for the faith the jury puts in him in this position of leadership.

“I appreciate it,” he said. “It’s humbling. I appreciate your confidence. I will try to do a good job. We don’t always agree. It looks good when we come down here, but it isn’t always so pretty upstairs. Normally, we make a decision, and normally, everybody supports that decision whether you voted for it or not. I appreciate all the help y’all have given me. Without Ronda and Lisa and the other girls upstairs – y’all think I do a lot, but they do, and I have to give them credit for that. It’s a joint effort by everybody here, and I think it works pretty well.”

Ronda Carnahan serves as secretary treasurer for the police jury, and Lisa Balkom serves as assistant secretary treasurer. Bonsall also expressed his gratitude to parish attorney Patrick Jackson.

Juror Jerri M. Lee, District 9, who nominated Bonsall, says he is the person for the job because he will do what is right.

“He has the ability to communicate with his colleagues, community and support staff without being overbearing or dictatorial,” she said. “He is quite ready, willing and able to handle the job. His skills are also right for the job based on his past work record. He’s a local businessman with a sound reputation for fairness, and has a working knowledge of the jury’s budget and has the ability to discuss its components.”

She says he has a working knowledge of all entities associated with the police jury, including working well with municipalities within the parish.

District 7 Juror Steve Lemmons nominated Vera Davison, District 10, for the position of vice president. She, too, was re-elected unanimously.

“I believe she has proven herself in her performance before, and I believe she will continue to do a fine job,” he said.

Davison expressed her appreciation to again be chosen as the jury’s vice president.

“I am honored that you wanted me to do this for another year,” she said. “It is a gift from God for me to have the respect of my fellow jurors.”

Jury officers – president and vice president – are chosen each year at the beginning of the year.

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