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Doyline man arrested, accused of attempted second-degree murder

by Minden Press-Herald



A Doyline man is in custody accused of attempted second-degree murder.

Webster Parish Sheriff Gary Sexton says Brett Lee Collins, 29, of the 400 block of Camp Bistineau Road in Doyline, was arrested for attempted second-degree murder, domestic abuse battery and possession of a sawed off shotgun. Bond is set at approximately $1 million.

Sexton says the first report of a shooting came in around 3 a.m. Monday, and he believes he was involved in two shootings that happened an hour apart, adding the first shooting was never reported.

“We’re still putting the pieces of the puzzle together,” he said. “He was apprehended Tuesday in Tyler, Texas. We have some things that we’re trying to tie together that will lead to some other arrests and possibly additional charges to Collins.”

The Smith County Sheriff’s Office reported the incident, he said.

“This is where Collins carried the victim to get medical attention,” Sexton said. “He took the individual from Doyline to Tyler, Texas.”

One victim was shot in the face, Sexton said, and the other in the foot.

“One was shot in the face, and that’s the one in which he’s charged with attempted second-degree murder,” he said. “That was meant to be a fatal shot. The other victim was shot in the foot because he was coercing the victim for information, and I can’t go any further than that.”

Sexton says only minutes ago he received information that the victim shot in the foot will lose it. They are expecting to amputate it Friday, he added.

“There was probably about at 10-hour period before Collins ever got that victim medical attention,” Sexton said.

The victim shot in the face is expected to survive and is currently at University Health in Shreveport. The other victim is at a medical facility in Tyler, Texas.

He says one victim is related to Collins, and the motive revolves around a love triangle.

“The motive is a domestic love triangle that went sour,” he said, not adding any more details as to what led to the shooting.

According to the police report, Collins’ truck was searched by the Smith County Sheriff’s Office and found a .308 rifle and Collins was reportedly also in possession of a shotgun that had a barrel sawed off to 15 inches.

Collins was taken into custody at 3:10 a.m. Tuesday.

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