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A message to all the pawns

by David Specht

In the game of chess, a pawn is the least valued piece on the board. It can only move one direction, with the rare exception of when it can attack.

The pawn is often manipulated by the moves of every other piece on the board. If another piece gets too close, the pawn is often moved to protect it, or worse, it is sacrificed for the greater strategy.

Lately, politics has treated the American public much the same way. Regardless of “side of the aisle,” Americans are being manipulated by both their allies and their enemies.

Just like pawns in the chess game, Americans are being affected by those in politics. Their allies report, post, and speak in a way that causes the pawns to move in their singular direction. The enemy also reports, posts, and speaks in an attempt to affect the pawns’ movement.

Because the pawn can only move one direction, every action causes a more dramatic position for the pawn.

To illustrate this, one only needs to look at the division in this nation. The actions of both sides in political arguments divide the nation further because, just like pawns, every action pushes Americans in one direction.

The reality is that it doesn’t matter if you are a Republican, Democrat, a Trump supporter, or a Trump hater. Every action by those doing the manipulation causes movement in one direction – further division.

As long as those in power understand this, they will continue to manipulate the American people into greater and greater division.

No longer do we listen to reason. No longer do we formulate our own thoughts based upon personal research. We take what we are fed and move in the pawn’s singular direction.

It’s time for all Americans to move up the ranks and quit being manipulated. It is time we learn truths for ourselves instead of waiting to be spoon-fed “facts.” And it’s time to hold leaders accountable for their actions instead of allowing ourselves to continually be manipulated.

The obvious place to start is Washington, but things certainly should trickle all the way to the local level. No more manipulation. No more herd mentality. No more pawns.

David Specht Jr. is Editor and publisher of the Minden Press-Herald.

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