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Alexander: Trump really was spied on

by Minden Press-Herald

In the midst of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, historic inflation, record high gas prices and the inexplicable confusion some people have regarding whether men should be allowed to compete against girls in sports, it would be easy to have overlooked the report a few weeks ago of special prosecutor, John Durham.  It also doesn’t help that the national so-called media, once again, was slow to cover the story and did so only cursorily when it did.

What did we learn from the first installation of these startling court filings?

The crux of the filing is that an internet services company and its owner, Rodney Joffe, “exploited his access to non-public and/or proprietary Internet data” including “Internet traffic pertaining to the Executive Office of the President of the United States.”  Joffe was not only monitoring internet traffic to the White House during the Trump presidency but also internet traffic to Trump Tower and President Trump’s apartment on Central Park West.

I note that every time a government website is accessed the individual accessing it has to acknowledge they have the right to do so, or they will be subject to prosecution, so hacking the White House servers is certainly an indictable offense.  However, what happened here is a classic insider attack because a system can never be secure from people who are authorized to access it and who are unethical or crooked.  Joffe’s company had the technical authorization, if not the legal authority, to access the server under the contract but of course only for the legitimate purpose of the contract.  (Joffe’s scheme was to monitor Trump’s servers using access to internet traffic granted to him and his company under a DOD cybersecurity contract).

In perhaps the understatement of the year, the Wall Street Journal noted that “White House communications are supposed to be secure, and the notion that any contractor—much less one with ties to a presidential campaign—could access them is alarming enough.  The implication that the data was exploited for a political purpose is a scandal that requires investigation under oath.” (WSJ, 2-15-22).  Will that ever happen at a time when the Deep State in D.C. holds so much power? Probably not.

Many of us have believed this for years but national “media” and social media further underscored their obvious double standard in the way they ignored and actively suppressed the Clinton corruption story which is demonstrably true—versus their saturation coverage of the purely speculative Trump/Russia collusion story—which is demonstrably false, as Robert Mueller and his team made clear after $32 million dollars and 18 months of investigation.

As Fox News Contributor, Jason Chaffetz, explains the bombshell revelations contained in the Durham filings “could have profound implications on Americans’ ability to trust our institutions.”   The Durham filings confirm what so many Americans already suspected—that President Donald Trump was right about his opponents infiltrating his private information—including during the time he was president and in the White House—and that Hillary Clinton’s campaign consistently lied to the American people about it.  

We should enumerate the several astounding conclusions that can be drawn from the filings: 

One, our federal government can’t be trusted to protect our data.  Secondly, our White House communications are not secure. (How is this even possible?).  Thirdly, U.S. Intelligence Agencies like the FBI can be and have been weaponized for partisan politics.  We can no longer trust our law enforcement agencies or federal courts to investigate, prosecute and try people on a non-partisan basis.  The existence of a federal investigation may or may not be rooted in real evidence of criminal actions, depending on whom their subject is.  Fourth, if there was any remaining doubt there is no longer that we cannot trust mainstream news outlets who buried this story. (See also the 2020 Hunter Biden laptop story which the often-dishonest media only now, in March 2022, acknowledges was a major story, one damaging to the Biden presidential campaign).  Fifth, there is simply no justice—no equal protection of the laws—if Hillary Clinton and those around her are not held accountable.  (Jason Chaffetz, 2-16-22, FOX). 

The point here is that some very bad actors involved in the Hillary for America campaign worked together to manufacture false information to make it look like Trump was conspiring with Russia.  They delivered the false information to the FBI and CIA in order to prompt an investigation which they could then have the media report on, making it look like the Trump-Russia collusion allegations had substance behind them when they clearly did not.

The conclusion is that Trump was spied on by the FBI later (through illegally obtained FISA warrants) but by Hillary’s campaign initially and the entirety of the Trump-Russia allegations were made up out of whole cloth by the Hillary for America campaign, which paid handsomely for them.

These filings make painfully clear that we are at a point in American history that a presumption of falsity and untrustworthiness must be made whenever our national media or government institutions make a “statement” regarding the “news.”  There is simply no reason to believe them at face value, and every reason not to.

The WSJ concludes that the “unfolding information” contained in the Durham filings “underscores that the Russia collusion story was one of the dirtiest tricks in U.S. political history … and Mr. Durham should tell the whole sordid story.”

Royal Alexander is a Shreveport attorney.

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