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America is unrecognizable in 2024

by Minden Press-Herald

Dear Editor,
America is unrecognizable in 2024.
Huge numbers of adult Americans are just fine with a politician abusing our judicial system by purchasing an indefinite delay of his day in court.
Citizens who should know better are okay with a candidate halting Congressional action on the biggest issue in generations because he wants to muscle in on its solution.
People who have gone to law school, occupy offices of public trust, and stoutly express their opinions in public forums have so little understanding of our Constitution that they don’t even know when it is being broken into pieces.
Those who serve jury duty, attend school board meetings, and regularly honor the fallen on Memorial Day are wildly enthusiastic about having an indicted and even convicted felon, sexual predator, and business fraudster running the county.
Those who claim to be color-blind suddenly have no qualms about responding to racist dog whistles that could turn America into a Yankee version of Aryan racial supremacy.
Those who proudly graduated high school, served our country overseas, and supervise others at work could care less about natural science, preferring politicized science instead.
Yep, not our ancestors’ America.

By Kimball Shinkoskey

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