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Bake sale to help fund girl’s surgery

The College and Career Sunday School Class of First Baptist Church will be holding a bake sale as a fundraiser for Krista Johnson Saturday. 

“We’re trying to teach our college students in our Sunday school class the importance of support and being there for each other. Krista and her family have been through a tough time and it’s just the time for us to step up. That’s one of the things that’s been coming across in our lessons the last few weeks, about stepping up to the plate and reaching out and helping. Krista is one of us, so we felt like we needed to do our part to support them in this time,” Tommy Garcin, the class’s teacher said. 

The bake sale starts at 10:00 am and runs until 4:00 pm or until they run out of goods. Church members are preparing cakes, pies, cookies and more.

Krista is currently going through health issues that need to be addressed with a double transplant that will cost the family over $200,000 after insurance coverage. She will also have to relocate to New Orleans to qualify for the surgery. Krista has not been able to be the socially active young adult that she usually is since being diagnosed. Garcin says her Sunday school class has tried to keep her included even when she can’t get out. 

“We text her, when we have gatherings that she can’t come to, we’ll Facetime her or send her a video. Some of the students in the class will call her and see her,” Garcin said.

Garcin believes Minden will heed the call to help Krista through this bake sale. 

“The thing we like about this community is that we step up for our own. St. Jude is a perfect example. This isn’t the scale of St. Jude but this is one of our own that needs the help of our community. That’s why we chose to do it here. It has nothing to do with our business, it’s all about Krista. We’ll operate just like we normally do but everything that happens on that sidewalk is about Krista Johnson. We just want the community as well as our Sunday school class and our church to show the support. Our church has done some fundraisers already but this is what we as the College and Career Sunday School class, felt we should do for her at this time,” Garcin said.