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Webster Parish School Board to talk Minden High School gym, ‘Pit’ stands

by Minden Press-Herald

The Webster Parish School Board will consider revisions to its contract to include the demolition and construction of the grandstands at Minden High School’s “The Pit.”

Board President Charles Strong says the contract will also include the parameters of what to do with the old boys’ gymnasium.

“Whenever you have construction contracts, something will change,” he said. “There was an agreement that the old gym building was going to have to come down because it has mold and there just wasn’t a way to rescue it. We’ve had half a dozen meetings discussing it. What they’ll do after they get that building down, that’s not been decided.”

The amendment to the contract includes a variety of items to allow wiggle room to make that decision as well as what will be done with the grandstands.

The agreement amendment includes “repair or replace the home grandstand and perform associated work as needed to other areas or facilities; repair or replace the original gymnasium; perform necessary work to improve existing buildings and upgrade site amenities as required; and new construction of buildings if required.”

In the last two or three meetings concerning the school, Maintenance Supervisor Buster Flowers said in order for the grandstand to be paid for by the Federal Emergency

Management Agency, it would have to be demolished and replaced. According to its classification, he said, FEMA would front the money to pay for it instead of reimbursement.
The board will also consider the approval of a 7.5 ton air conditioning system in the school’s weight room.

In other school news, the board will also consider repairs at North Webster High School for a drainage project in the dressing room and other areas of the football stadium complex to alleviate flooding issues, for $26,300 using the Springhill Maintenance Fund.

They will also consider approval of equipment and manpower to explore other drainage/manhole problems and repair as needed. Also on the agenda is the consideration of replacing the flooring in the dressing room.

All of this would be paid for using the Springhill Maintenance Fund.

In other news, the board will also consider:

  • the approval of the board’s official journal for the fiscal year
  • the approval of the remaining budget revisions for the 2015-16 school year
  • the approval of the 2016-17 Workers Compensation Excess Coverage from Midwest
  • the approval of the lowest bid for a covered drive at Central Elementary School
  • the approval to replace cafeteria lighting at NWHS,
  • the approval to replace one compressor and two fan shrouds at Lakeside Jr./Sr. High School
  • purchasing a buffer for J.A. Phillips Middle School,
  • refurbishment of the gym floors at North Webster Junior High School
  • the installation of a new intercom system at Browning Elementary
  • the purchase of 12 classroom tables for NWJHS
  • cleaning the carpet at NWJHS
  • upgrades of the sound system at Brown Elementary
  • the purchase of a scoreboard for the gym for Brown Elementary
  • travel allocations
  • personnel report
  • the superintendent’s report

The school board will meet at 6 p.m., Monday, June 6, at Central Office, located at 1442 Sheppard Street. A finance committee meeting will take place at 5:30 p.m. to discuss the budget revisions.

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