The Webster Parish Police Jury will discuss roads damaged from the floods and what will possibly take place with the Federal Emergency Management Agency with reimbursement.

Jury President Jim Bonsall says since they already have verbal and written permission from the state to use its parish transportation funds, they will likely begin repairs soon.

“We already had permission to start making repairs under certain criteria,” he said. “The money we get comes from various tax sources and all of that money has to be spent in a priority manner. We have a letter back from the state for our transportation fund saying that we can use our priority fund for these repairs. Whatever money we get back from FEMA, we will put back in the priority system and use it for what this money was originally intended for.”

The jury will also discuss the early warning systems. Bonsall says they have some grant applications they will consider. They have received at least three requests, he said.

In other discussion, the jury will look at what to do with the warden’s house at the Webster Parish Penal Farm. In January, the house was vacated, but nothing has been done yet, Bonsall said.

“We have been discussing what our future plans are with it, and we have not come to a determination yet,” he said. “We may decide what to do with it Tuesday, but I’m not for sure.”

The Pleasant Valley Community House will also be discussed. The community house, for years, has been used for a voting precinct, but the voting precinct was recently moved to Pleasant Valley United Methodist Church. The church and the jury have signed an agreement, allowing the jury to use their multi-purpose building for voters to cast their ballots.

Bonsall says the jury was approached about what they would do with the community house, and it has been said that if the jury did not need the property any longer, it would revert back to its original owner.

On the agenda for the regular meeting, the new director for the Webster Parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness will be introduced. Former director John Stanley retired in May, and a new director will be formally appointed Tuesday.

The jury will also consider adoption of a resolution ordering the calling of a special election for Road District A and Road District B, asking for renewal of existing ad valorem taxes for road improvements within the parish.

The jury will also:

  • consider proposed amendments to the parish’s budget
  • consider approval of the transportation budget and Section 8 HUD budget for the Office of Community Services as well as approve COLA applications for Head Start
  • discuss approval of their official journal for the fiscal year
  • discuss approval of a bid for purchase of property located off Dogwood Trail in Minden
  • discuss approval of the sale of adjudicated property at 102 Roosevelt St, adjoining vacant lot
  • discuss approval of a resolution for the Union Grove Water System in the amount of $25,000 to replace old water service mains
  • consider approval of recreation funding: $750 for police car lights and $500 for the community house, both for the Town of Cotton Valley, in police jury district 5

The jury will also hear comments from the Office of Community Services, Head Start, the Library, Convention and Visitors Bureau, Tax Assessor, LSU AgCenter, Homeland Security and the installation commander at Camp Minden.

The jury will meet at 9 a.m., Tuesday, June 7, on the third floor of the Webster Parish Courthouse for its committee meetings, which include the intergovernmental committee, the buildings and grounds committee and the road committee. The jury will meet at 10:30 a.m., on the second floor in the police jury meeting room for its monthly meeting.