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Campaign signs missing for Dixie Inn mayor candidate

by Minden Press-Herald

DIXIE INN — The tampering or theft of political signs may seem like a harmless act, but it can have consequences and hurt others.
At a recent Dixie Inn village meeting, Mayor Ava McWhorter commented that she noticed campaign signage was missing from private property.

“I had permission from private property owners to place these signs,” she said. “These signs do cost money to have made and it is very disappointing that someone would take them.”

McWhorter said even though someone may have taken or removed her signs, which have her photograph of her on them, she isn’t going to let it get the best of her.

“I figure either someone really, really doesn’t want me to be mayor that they thought they needed to resort to theft, or they just really, really wanted a picture of me,” she joked.

However, Dixie Inn Chief of Police James Edwards is not laughing.

“This type of behavior can be charged as a misdemeanor theft,” he said. “An arrest could be made, a person booked, and have to bond- all for doing something foolish. It’s best that people not tamper with signage or other people’s property – period.”
Edwards said footage is being reviewed to see if a suspect can be named.

“There are cameras in the area we are checking to see if we can identify someone on the properties of where the signs were taken,” he said.

McWhorter’s opponent, Kay Hallmark-Stratton said she was not surprised to hear of political signs being tampered with in the area.
“Unfortunately it happens,” she said. “I’ve had a few of my signs [altered], but it’s to be expected.”

Stratton said she does not approve of citizens tampering with personal property or signs.

“I think it is a matter of young people being mischievous,” she said.

Currently there are no suspects and Edwards said the age of perpetrator is unknown.

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