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Candidate Q&A: Cotton Valley mayor

by Minden Press-Herald

COTTON VALLEY — Three have filed to become Cotton Valley’s next mayor.

Democrat Joseph Alexander and Lynn “Bubba” Guillot, no party, is challenging Democrat Comerdis Phillips for the town’s top seat.

All three candidates were asked the following five questions by email. On Tuesday, a representative for Phillips told the Press-Herald she did not wish to participate and declined to answer the questions.

Below are Alexander and Guillot’s responses exactly as answered.

What is the most pressing issue facing Cotton Valley today?
Alexander: Getting the water department together.
Guillot: Very low tax base.

What worries you most about Cotton Valley currently?
Alexander: Afraid that the last two audits would cause the state to come in and take over.
Guillot: Drugs and the youth.

What project(s) could you begin in your first term to improve each of the following years?
Alexander: Beautify the city and get outside businesses to come into our city limits.

Guillot: New community house, improved summer rec. ball fields and playgrounds. Find bigger tax base for better police protection and other improvements.

What differentiates you from your opponent?
Alexander: I would be a hands on Mayor, I am retired and lots of time to invest into the development of the city.
Guillot: Will be fair to all people.

What about you might surprise voters?
Alexander: That I have such a great love for the people and especially the youth.
Guillot: Easy to work with, level headed.

Cotton Valley residents will cast their ballot for the next mayor of the town Nov. 8.

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