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Cindy Walker speaks at weekly Lions luncheon

by Minden Press-Herald

Jordan Wilson
[email protected]

Cindy Walker, a member of Team Noel, spoke at the Minden Lions Club luncheon Thursday.
Walker spoke about the tragic state of Nicaragua and the work of Team Noel, a missionary group that makes several trips a year to the impoverished country to do whatever they can to help its people.

“I’ve always had a burden on my heart; a need to share God’s love with those around the world,” Walker said.

Despite the beautiful views and unique experiences such as three wheeled taxi cars and outdoor markets, the squalor in which many Nicaraguans live is heartbreaking.

Being a country that is prone to hurricane damage and is the second most impoverished country in the Western hemisphere, the six million people of Nicaragua are prime candidates for those who could use a helping hand.

“There are entire villages of homes made of scrap collected from local junk yards. We call these visqueen villages, where numerous people live under little more than sticks and tarps.” Walker explained.

Team Noel visits these villages, bringing with them things often taken for granted. Everything from simple clothing, baseball caps and toys brighten the lives of the impoverished locals. The team also helps provide basic medical supplies and has helped develop feeding programs in four communities that have no electricity or running water.

Missionaries have helped build 120 homes and two churches in their time there.

The Nicaraguan Christian Outreach building, developed by businessmen out of Baton Rouge in 2002, houses the numerous missionary teams on their visits. “We work alongside 35 partnering churches, and there is some sort of missionary team present near 45 weeks out of the year.” Walker said.

For more information on missionary work visit www.nchristo.com. If interested in contributing to Team Noel, contact Jim Wallace at First Baptist Minden.

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