Home News City of Minden lifts mask mandate for all City Buildings

City of Minden lifts mask mandate for all City Buildings

Yesterday Gov. John Bel Edwards lifted the mask mandate that had been in effect for months prior to this point. Eroding the state mandate, the Governor granted authority to local governments to continue to enforce mask requirements as they deemed fit.

“Local governments and private businesses may choose to continue to require and enforce mask requirements under the Governor’s order, which goes into effect on Wednesday, October 27,” a statement from the governor’s office read. 

Mayor Terry Gardner provided a statement on Wednesday saying that the mask mandate will no longer be enforced in city buildings. “We will be lifting the mask mandate at all city buildings. We will still be enforcing social distancing to ensure safety in all city buildings,” said Gardner.

Masks will still be mandated by federal regulation, including on mass transit and in health care facilities. They will not be mandated in most places, including government buildings, college and university campuses, and businesses. School districts may opt-out of the mask mandate if they choose to, but only if they continue to adhere to CDC quarantine guidance.