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City recognizing National Safe Digging Month

by Minden Press-Herald

April marks the National Safe Digging Month, reminding Minden residents to call 811 before beginning any digging project.

In an effort to let residents know about the importance of safe digging, Minden Mayor Tommy Davis signed a proclamation Wednesday declaring April as National Safe Digging Month.

“Anytime you dig, you need to call 811 to make sure you are not going to tear up any underground lines,” Davis said. “The city participates in the 811 program and all you have to do is call and we will come out and mark any underground lines.

Calling 811 connects homeowners and contractors to a call center, who notifies utility companies of the homeowner’s or contractor’s intent to dig. Locators are then sent to the dig site to mark locations of underground lines.

Proclamation – Safe Digging

WHEREAS, each year, the nation’s underground utility infrastructure is jeopardized by unintentional damage by those who fail to call 811 to have underground lines located prior to digging. Undesired consequences such as service interruption, damage to the environment and personal injury and even death are the potential results; and

WHEREAS, the Common Ground Alliance and its 1700 members promote the national Call-Before-You-Dig number, 811, in an effort to reduce these damages. Designated by the FCC in 2005, 811 provides potential excavators and homeowners a simple number to reach their local One Call Center to request utility line locations at the intended dig site; and

WHEREAS, through education of safe digging practices, excavators and homeowners can save time and money keeping our nation safe and connected by making a simple call to 811 in advance of any digging project; waiting the required amount of time; respecting the marked lines by maintaining visual definition throughout the course of the excavation; and finally, digging with care around the marks; and

WHEREAS, all parties agree that safe digging is a shared responsibility. To know what’s below, call 811 before you dig.

THEREFORE, I, Tommy Davis, Mayor of the City of Minden hereby proclaim the month of April, 2016, as, National Safe Digging Month and encourage excavators and homeowners throughout the country to always call 811 before digging. Safe digging is no accident.

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