Civil suits filed during August in district court

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Republic Finance LLC versus Matthew A. Pennywell, Petition

Jennifer Swim McCullough versus Steven Ray McCullough, Divorce

James P. Marsala versus Amy McCoil Marsala, Divorce

Discover Bank versus Landy L. Evans, Monies due

Ivan Smith Furniture Co. LLC FKA Ivan Smith Furniture Co. Inc. versus Johnny aka Paddy, Judgment ex and garnishment

Republic Finance LLC versus Essence Brantley, Judgment ex and garnishment

Tristan Lowe Nowosielski versus Erik Bruce Nowosielski, Divorce

MBL Bank versus Joy Bogues Depriest, Executory process

Audrey Smith versus Sylvester Coleman, Protective order

Lydia Pruitt versus Mark Christopher Bley, Protective order

Joshua Wilk versus Candace Wilk, Protective order

Safeway Insurance Company of Louisiana versus Heather Berryman, Subrogation

Terunia Brantley versus Jeremy Sitter, Damages

Anna Bess versus Darrell Bess, Protective order

Louisiana Community and Technical College System versus Jo Vodrick Antonio Carter, Open account

University of Louisiana System Board of Supervisors versus Douquanek Brooks, Open account

Ohio Machinery Co. versus Double Eagle Energy Services LLC, Monies due

Ford Motor Credit Company LLC versus Ashley E. Bennett, Contract

Maurie Wayne Wise versus Lousiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections Office of Motor Vehicles, Petition

Lemoris Trent Jackson versus Latavion Seamster, Protective order

David Jay Carathers versus Regina Lynn Carathers, Divorce

William Patrick Barnett II versus Amanda Dunn Barnett, Divorce

Selena Guajardo versus James Robert Buckner, Protective order

Marilyn Smith versus Robert Smith, Divorce

Jerry David Stanford et ux versus John W. Procell, Petition

Darrell Siau versus Vickie Marie Wright Siau, Divorce

John Johnson versus Keosha Calloway, Personal injury

Wells Fargo Bank na versus Robert Andre Thomas Sr., Executory process

Ivan Smith Furniture Co. LLC versus Natasha Henson, Monies due

Phyllis G. Pilgrim, Custody

Jamie Robert Garrett versus Kali Nicole Garrett, Divorce

Vickie Siau versus Darrell Siau, Divorce

Warren Slade Holtzclaw versus Cassandra Vining, Protective order

Nationstar Mortgage LLC versus Jolene Clayton, Executory process

US Bank National Association versus Unopened succession of Erma Skinner Reed, Executory process

Midfirst Bank versus John Wesley Day, Executory process

Wells Fargo Bank versus Michael Rich, Open account

Allstate Insurance Company versus State Industries Inc., Damages

April Dawn Parks Weston versus David Raymond Weston Jr., Divorce

Tana Humphrey versus Jeffery Scott Chesshir, Protective order

Tabitha Brown Sims versus Kenneth Earl Sims, Divorce

Billy Upshaw versus Marsha Upshaw, Divorce

Delora Kay Hallmark Meador versus Webster Parish District Attorney J. Schuyler Marvin, Name change

Chelsea Mae Charles Johnson versus Jeremy Scott Johnson, Divorce

Morgan Cathey versus Kendall Saintignan, Protective order

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC versus Mark Ward, Open account

Wells Fargo Bank NA, as trustee for versus Bonnie G. Johnson, Executory process

Anna Bess versus Darrell Bess, Divorce

Cristal C. Kirby MD versus Soldrekus Porter, Petition

Nationstar Mortgage LLC versus Rodney Lynn Coleman Jr., Executory process

Rachel Blake versus Sash Wynne, Protective order

David R. Cook versus Jerid Mark Bailey, Petition

Barksdale Federal Credit Union versus Robert L. Oliver, Petition

TD Bank USA as successor in interest to versus Brenda Kay Hoy, Open account

Richland State Bank Minden versus Danny R. Sparks, Monies due

Janene Ashley versus Dewayne Ashley, Protective order

Melissa Bray OBO minors versus Amy Stewart ind and obo minor, Protective order

John Eldridge versus Clayton Baldwin, Custody

Haley Hudgeons Helms versus Steven Lee Helms, Divorce

Carter Federal Credit Union versus Joshua B. Bass, Executory process

WNC Properties LLC versus Spring Theatre LLC, Monies due

Lauren Holloway versus Matthew Smith, Protective order

State of Louisiana versus Brandon Devante Brayboy Bell, Forfeiture

Nathan Allen Davis versus Kayla Brooke Threadgill, Custody

Kia Motors Finance Company versus Tracey Crank, Executory process

Marvin Stanley versus Patricia Ann Fuller Young Stanley, Divorce

Charlie Grice versus Roosevelt Toney II, Damages

Carter Federal Credit Union versus Joshua Brandon Bass, Monies due

Emma Fuller versus Ben Pullman Jr., Damages

Sara E. Sayers versus Robert Thomas Sayers, Protective order

Tammy Hall versus Bonnie Langley, Damages

Jesse Anderson versus Carla Anderson, Protective order

Roshona Crow versus Roosevelt L. Toney II, Personal injury


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