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Clemons moving Rocking Rooster veterinarian office

by Minden Press-Herald

Rocking Rooster Veterinary Services is moving.

On Monday, Oct. 3, Dr. Randy Clemons will open his practice in his new location at 14953 Highway 80, in the former Hercules building past Webster Junior High School towards Highway 531. Clemons says he’s excited about the move and will still offer the same veterinary services he’s always offered.

“I have someone buying me out, so I’m moving my veterinary practice,” he said.

Clemons offers an array of veterinary services, from taking care of the family cat or dog to taking care of horses, cattle and hedgehogs. He is also a surgeon, where he spays and neuters animals, performs dental work, and other procedures.

“I worked on a hedgehog last week,” he said. “I’ve worked on snakes, I’ve worked on zebras, all kinds of animals.”
He says he was hearing rumors that he was closing or getting out of the business, and it just isn’t true.

“I’ve heard all kinds of things,” he said. “People were thinking I was retiring or quitting veterinary medicine. I’m just moving my veterinary business.”

Heath and Erin Ramsey bought the store at the current location and will be opening up as Ramsey’s Southern Outfitters at the beginning of October. They will continue to sell the staples sold at Rocking Rooster, such as Purina feed, corn and seed as well as hunting clothes and accessories, fishing gear, firearms and ammunition.

“The other half of the store will be geared towards women and kids,” Erin Ramsey said. “Baby clothes, toys and home décor. We’re going to open more of the store up to have more retail space.”

Ramsey says she and her husband love the outdoors and this is an opportunity to open a retail store based around the things they love.

“It’ll be an opportunity to bring something a little different to the area, and at the same time, be something we can do together,” she said.

Originally, the Ramseys were going to build a new store, but the opportunity to buy Rocking Rooster’s current location became available.

“He has a great location, and we are excited to get it up and running,” she said.

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