Constitutional amendments a mixture of ‘yes and no’

Four constitutional amendments on the ballot this past Saturday were a mix of pass or fail.

CA No. 1: Budget Stabilization Fund

Voters said no the amendment with 515,366 of voters casting their ballots in against, or 53 percent. 466,140 or 47 percent voted for the amendment.

Since the amendment failed, this means the current revenue flow and Budget Stabilization Fund remains intact.

CA No. 2: Funds for Transportation

Voters passed the amendment with 528,863 of voters casting their ballots in favor, or 53 percent. 471,636 or 47 percent voted against the proposition.

This means the state treasurer can invest public funds in a state infrastructure bank.

State rep. Gene Reynolds says these amendments are “musts” to put more money towards roads and bridges to help fund infrastructure projects that need to be done.

CA No. 3: Fiscal Legislative Session

Voters said no to the amendment with 537,391 of voters casting their ballots against, or 54 percent. 452,260 or 46 percent voted for the amendment.

Voters decided the specific list of allowable tax legislation for fiscal sessions will stay in place.

CA No. 4: Property Tax Exemption for Public Land/Property

Voters passed this amendment with 509,647 of voters casting their ballots in favor, or 51 percent. 481,488 or 49 percent voted against the amendment.

This now means states or local governments outside of Louisiana are required to pay taxes on property they own in Louisiana.



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