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Constitutional Convention editorial was on the money

To the Editor,

Congratulations on rerunning your very timely editorial (David Specht, Jan 23). Perhaps, the Governor has accidentally hit upon a method to stir the populous of Louisiana, make something so bad , persons will take notice. In case readers did not see the editorial, I must point out several of your points: originally published in 2015, and republished in 2017; attempting to “unprotect” certain monies those actions would require more constitutional amendments and a statewide vote of the people.; Louisiana needs a constitutional convention; should include a balanced budget requirement; bills calling for constitutional convention were defeated in last year’s legislative session.

So, there your are. The people of Louisiana agreed to give the Governor and Legislature two (2) years to take action to put our laws in order, that reasonable adjustments could be made to the State Budget, to “Balance the Budget”. Obviously, neither the Governor nor the Legislature paid any attention. We are now two years later, proposed action: cut TOPS, cut higher education, cut medical care. Well, if that is what it takes to get the real attention of our Governor and Legislature, go to it.

When citizens start to “squeal”, maybe the elected officials of our State, will do their job of bringing reason to the state finances. I know it will hurt, perhaps it will cause loss of even more new factories and chemical plants. Sometimes, only pending disaster is enough to cause an end to apathy and implement a sprite of action. Nothing else has!
David, again, thank you.

Lee C. Estabrook, Sr.