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Cotton Valley’s next mayor to be decided in runoff

by Minden Press-Herald

COTTON VALLEY — The Town of Cotton Valley will decide on the position of Mayor in a run off election to be held in December. The race had three candidates each having won nearly a third of the vote.

With the precinct reporting, the unofficial result is Joseph Alexander received 140 votes or 36 percent and incumbent Comerdis Phillips garnered 132 votes or 34 percent over Lynn “Bubba” Guillot’s 120 votes or 31 percent.

Phillips said she feels confident she will remain in the mayoral position after having served for mayor for eight years.

Alexander said he is ready for round two and anticipated a run off.

“When you have three people run, it’s hard to get the 51 percent needed,” he said.

While Cotton Valley residents must wait to cast a final ballot for their mayor, five new aldermen have been selected.

Toby Sinclair had 244 votes or 16 percent, Evelyn Parish received 231 votes or 15 percent, Naomi Houston won 226 votes or 15 percent, C.C. “Cat” Cox garnered 201 votes or 13 percent and Charlene Lewis recived180 votes or 12 percent.

While those individuals prepare for their 2017 terms, four candidates missed gaining enough votes to earn seats as aldermen.

Thomas Smith had 165 votes or 11 percent, James Davidson Sr. had 108 votes or 7 percent, “Don” Shirley had 85 votes or 6 percent and Cheryl Dyer had 68 votes or 5 percent.

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