Do you think you can rewrite the Louisiana Constitution?

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State Sen. Ryan Gatti asks constituents to review

With so much discussion concerning a possible constitutional convention, one State Senator decided to get some honest feedback about what is wrong with the current “law of the land.”

District 36 Sen. Ryan Gatti took to facebook Thursday with a link to the current Louisiana Constitution and a simple request, “Read over it then put your proposed changes in a comment. Please reference the Article and Section you’d like to see changed and why.”

Within three hours of the post, there had been more than 20 comments, but very few specifics or reference to articles and sections.

Gatti told the Press-Herald that his hope and expectation is that people would become educated on what is actually in the constitution.

“I’d just read through it,” Gatti said. If there’s something specific needing to be changed, write specifically about it. We all need to educate ourselves on this.”

The education process might even be enlightening to readers, Gatti said.

“You might find out that a lot of what you hear about is not even in the Constitution.”

Look For Yourself
The full text of the Louisiana Constitution.


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