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E.S. Richardson Elementary visits Johnson Space Center

by Minden Press-Herald

E.S. Richardson fifth grade students recently visited NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston for an overnight trip. The trip involved students attending NASA’s “Space After Dark,” which is designed for groups who want to take learning out of the classroom while experiencing the wonders of NASA. The program provided engaging, hands-on activities developed according to grade level standards so students were challenged and inspired. The next morning, the group took the tram tour around NASA Johnson Space Center to get a behind-the-scenes look at space exploration. The tram tour took the group through Rocket Park, where an actual Saturn V rocket is housed, along with other rockets that propelled humanity into space. Johnson Space Center is located on 1,600 acres and is the home of mission control where human space missions and the operations of the International Space Station are monitored. It is also where astronauts prepare and train for missions. Courtesy Photo

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