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Election Day has arrived

Voters sign in at precincts before casting ballots at Minden Civic Center Tuesday.

After a two-year long campaign voters across the United States will cast their ballot and determine the course for the country for the next four years.
In addition to the presidential race, voters in Webster Parish also have other items to consider including US Senator, congressional representative, state constitutional amendments and local races for community leaders.

Six changes to the Louisiana State constitution are on the ballot this year:

Amendment one will allow the Legislature to establish qualifications for new registrars of voters and give lawmakers more input into how they are appointed.

Amendment two will give Louisiana’s public higher education management boards for the Louisiana State University system, the University of Louisiana system, the Southern University system and the Community and Technical College system the autonomy to set student tuition.

Amendment three will eliminate the corporate deduction for federal income taxes on state income taxes and replace the staggered 4-8 percent corporate tax rate to a flat 6.5 percent.

Amendment four will give surviving spouses of military personnel, law enforcement officers and firefighters killed in the line of duty a full property tax exemption on their home.

Amendment five will create the Revenue Stabilization Fund with mineral or corporate taxes above a certain amount and to use those revenues on infrastructure and pension liabilities.

Amendment six will add a new way for lawmakers to tap into constitutionally protected funds during financial downturns.

U.S. Senate candidates include, Beryl Billiot, Charles Boustany, Foster Campbell, “Joseph” Cao, Thomas P. Clements, Donald “Crawdaddy” Crawford, David Duke, Derrick Edwards, Caroline Fayard, John Fleming, Le Roy Gillam, Troy Hebert, John Kennedy, Gary Landrieu, William Robert “Bob” Lang Jr., “Rob” Maness, Kaitlin Marone, Charles Marsala, MV “Vinny” Mendoza, Abhay Patel, Joshua Pellerin, Gregory Taylor Jr., Arden Wells and Peter Williams.

U.S. Representative 4th Congressional District candidates are Ralph “Trey” Baucum, Elbert Guillory, Mark David Halverson, Oliver Jenkins, “Rick” John, “Mike” Johnson, Marshall Jones and Kenneth J. Krefft.

After the seat of Judge for Court of Appeal 2nd Circuit, 2nd District, Division C are Jay Caraway and Jeff Cox.

Community races include Mayor, Town of Cotton Valley (Joseph Alexander, Lynn “Bubba” Guillot, Comerdis Phillips) Mayor, Town of Cullen (Terry “Bippy” Hoof, “Mr. Gary” Sullivan), Mayor, Village of Dixie Inn (Kay Hallmark-Stratton, Ava Nell McWhorter), Chief of Police, Town of Cullen (Rosetta Carr Burnett, Christopher Lauderdale, George Salsberry Jr.), Chief of Police, Town of Sarepta (Richard Downs, Ted Lewis, Raymond Moore Jr.) and Chief of Police, Dubberly (Joseph Henry, Charles E. Mims).

While campaigns have been hostile nationally with reports of property damage, arson, and voting fraud, Republican State Center Committee representative Jerri Ray dePingre’ said the local community has faired much better.

“I think we are blessed to live in a community where even if we disagree, there is enough respect for one another to behave responsibly,” she said.
Voters should bring proof of identity such as a Louisiana driver’s license, a Louisiana Special ID card, or other generally recognized picture ID that contains name and signature.

Sample ballots can be found in past issues of Minden Press-Herald, are available online at GeauxVote.com or polling locations.

Polls close at 8 p.m. and all voters in line at 8 p.m. have the right to vote.