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Elisha and Benhadad

by David Specht

There was a famine in Israel. The king of Syria came to war with Israel. There were two lepers that were very hungry. One said to the other “ why sit we here till we die, Let’s defect to the Syrians and if we die there ok, if we stay here we die.” They went to the Syrians camp and the Syrian’s had fled. God caused them to hear a great army coming. They left all the food, gold, and silver behind. The two lepers ate all they wanted and left to tell the king of israel that the Syrian’s had fled. The king of Israel found it as the lepers told him. They took all the food, gold, silver, and clothing that they found. Elisha had prophesied this would take place.

Thank you Lord for your Prophets. 

Mack Ford is a retired businessman and lives in Minden.

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