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EPA community meeting postponed; no timeline set on contract signing

by Minden Press-Herald

The Environmental Protection Agency has postponed the Camp Minden community meeting that was set for Thursday.

In an email sent to Camp Minden Citizen Advisory Group chair Ron Hagar by Carl Edlund, Superfund director for EPA’s Region 6, the meeting was postponed “in order to ensure the presence of the (Louisiana Military Department’s) contractor.”

He says the reason for the postponement has to do with ongoing discussions.

“Discussions with the EPA, LDEQ, the recommended contractor and LMD are ongoing,” Edlund said. “Specific requirements and conditions of the contract are being resolved. LMD will continue to move forward in the contracting process, and we will schedule a full update on the contained burn system and operations upon signing of the contract.”

Explosive Service International, a Baton Rouge-based disposal company, is the contractor chosen to dispose of the M6 stored at Camp Minden. No details of the contract have been released to date, other than the company chosen and the method of disposal.

Col. Pete Schneider, spokesperson for the LMD, says the hang up is over additional costs needed to cover another requirement put forth by the EPA.

“They (EPA) changed a requirement,” he said. “We’re waiting for (the contractor) to get back to us on the cost of the additional requirement. They (ESI) want to be able to meet all the requirements. That’s where we are.”

He says ESI should be in contact with the LMD by Friday. According to information from the EPA, the earliest possible date for another community meeting will be June 30.

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