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Extending your warm season vegetable gardening

by Minden Press-Herald

By John Monzingo, Assistant County Agent

The dog days of summer are rapidly approaching. According to “The Old Farmer’s Almanac”, the dog days of summer are July 3-August 11.  These days often have longer hours of sunlight, higher temperatures, and high humidity. For many vegetable growers, their garden is slowing production or has stopped producing vegetables. However, there are plants that can be started during this period.  Below are examples of vegetables that can be grown in late summer:

PlantsDates to plantHow to plantSpacingHarvest
Cantaloupe7/1-7/31 plant seeds ¼ inch deep18-36 inches80-85 days
Pea7/1-7/31plant seeds ½ inch deep4-6 inches70-80 days
Bell Peppers6/15-7/31transplants 1 inch deep12-18 inches70-80 days
Okra7/1-8/15plant seeds ½ inch deep8-12 inches60 days
Tomatoes7/1-8/10transplants 1 inch deep18-24 inches60-75 days
Pumpkin6/15-7/10plant seeds ½ inch deep36-60 inches60-120 days
Squash7/1-8/31transplants 1 inch deep12-36 inches50-90 days
Eggplant7/1-8/15transplant 1 inch deep18-36 inches80-85 days
Irish Potatoes7/15-9/1 plant pieces 4 inches deep9-12 inches90-120 days

The dog days of summer not only bring higher temperatures but, in many cases, they bring drought conditions. A watering schedule may need to be added to have a successful late summer crop. For more vegetables and varieties, please contact John Monzingo at 318-927-3110 or 318-371-1371.

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