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Film fest set for July at Minden Civic Center

by Minden Press-Herald

Film lovers will get a chance to view films they might not get to see on the big screen next month during the Heart of the Pines Film Festival set for the weekend of July 25-26.

Set at the Minden Civic Center, Courtney Sandifer, filmmaker and coordinator of the event, says the festival will feature many Indy films and short films.

“The movie theaters show only the movies that are going to make money,” she said. “You just don’t get to see those unless you go to film festivals or look them up on the internet, or if you know a filmmaker. There’s thousands of Indy filmmakers looking for places to show their movies. We make movies, and we just want people to watch them. We make movies to tell stories. It’s an art to us and it involves showing them to other people.”

So far, she says she has more than 100 submissions, and that was the very first day. There are four other judges besides herself, and she says it’s overwhelming to see how many there are.

Sessions will take place at the civic center from about 10 a.m. until 10 p.m., she says. There will be a couple of sessions for short films, documentaries and featuring narratives. A children’s filmmaking workshop will also take place.

On Sunday, a few sessions will take place with awards being presented at the end. The place for Sunday’s events isn’t quite nailed down yet, but will be published as soon as it’s set, she says.

“There’s something for everybody, mostly family-friendly stuff,” she said.

Some of the filmmakers will be there and if any DVD’s are sold, the film makers will be responsible.

“A lot of them are still trying to get distribution, get their movies in to other places, so they’re only allowed to show their movies at film festivals,” Sandifer said.

This festival is one of three – the first – that will take place. The second will be in Arkansas with the last in Texas. Special consideration to filmmakers from these three states will be given, although anyone is welcome to enter submissions, according to their website.

The deadline for the Minden festival was May 15, but submissions are still being accepted, for a nominal fee, for the other two festivals. Schedules for the Arkansas and Texas screenings have not been set.

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