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Fishing at the Farm

25th annual Earth Camp taking place at Cultural Crossroads Farm

This 25th annual  Earth Camp is currently taking place at the Farm of Cultural Crossroads. This event was initially started by Chris Broussard, Cultural Crossroads director however, this year’s event is being organized by Tammy Eaton, board member of Cultural Crossroads. During this week the kids can expect to participate in a variety of art-based activities with one another while learning more about the world around them. 

“Basically earth camp is centered around nature. The theme for this year is fishing, last year it was insects. It’s giving the kids some “earth themed” activities to do for the whole week,” said Eaton. 

This year the art lessons are being taught by Jennifer Heard, who has aptly named this week “Fishing at the Farm” given the theme. The week will entail her teaching the children how to do mono printing, which is a form of printmaking that only allows lines to be made once. 

“Kids will create a printing plate using foam shapes to form different fish. Once they have the shapes fixed on the plate, they will use a brayer to roll permanent printing ink onto the printing plate. Then they press a piece of heavy art onto the printing plate to release an individual print,” said Heard. 

She will also be teaching other printing methods, such as collagraph, and gelli printing, as well as mixed media and acrylics. 

The t-shirts for this year’s Earth Camp were donated by Josh Fish at Fishy Stitches and Gifts. 

“It’s great to see the kids grow, and then come back later because they want to see the camp grow and keep it going. Some have actually come out to volunteer either here or on the board when they got older,” said Eaton.  

On an ending note, Heard said, “This is my favorite thing to do and I look forward to it every summer because it’s amazing to see the kids realize they can create something with very little. Like today we just used paper scissors and we’re going to make these amazing finished pieces, and we do that every summer. Teach them how to use everyday things around the house to create beautiful art.”

While Earth Camp has already started there are still open spots available for the afternoon session. For more information go to the Farm of the Cultural Crossroads’ facebook page or email ccearthcamp@gmail.com.