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Frequently asked questions about our new utility meters

by Minden Press-Herald



In order to clarify some of the misinformation and misconceptions regarding the city’s Advanced Metering Infrastructure project, I am addressing some of the most frequently asked questions from our citizens. After reading this letter, if you still have questions or concerns regarding this project, please feel free to contact my office.

Frequently Asked Questions (And Answers) Regarding The Installation Of New Utility Meters

Why is the city changing out all of the electrical and water meters?

1. There has never been a city program to replace aging meters which means some meters are up to fifty years old. As meters age, they become less dependable and accurate.
2.The new meters transmit data via a radio signal sent to city hall for billing, troubleshooting and analyzing. The customer benefits include accurate readings, increased efficiencies, outage detection and tamper notification.
3.The billing cycle will be very close to the same number of days on each bill.

How much is this going to cost me, the customer?

1. There will be no charge to the customer for the new meter.
2. If your current electrical meter box is not compatible with the new meter, a new meter box will be available to your licensed electrician at no cost to the customer.
3. If your current electric service is not up to city code or problems are detected, the customer will be responsible for bringing the electrical service up to code. This is dictated by city and state code for the protection and safety of the customer.

When will I have my new meter(s) installed?


1.Meters are being installed by Utility Metering Solutions “UMS” by sections across the city. The current status of installations can be viewed at www.mindenusa.com; click on Meter Install Updates; the areas shown indicate installations in progress. If your street is not listed in one of the areas, the installation process has not yet started.
2.If UMS is unable to change out your meter, a notice will be hung on your front door providing contact information. If your current service is not up to city/state code, you will receive a letter from the city notifying you of the problem.
3.A notice will be hung on your front door when your meter installation is completed.
4.Currently, sixty percent (60%) of new water meters have been installed and twenty percent (20%) of new electrical meters have been installed.

Tommy Davis is the mayor of Minden. He may be reached by emailing [email protected] or calling city hall at 377-2144.

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