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Gardner: Social media and the City

During Monday’s Minden City Council workshop, Mayor Terry Gardner made a firm statement about city employees and social media. 

“I want everybody in the room, that works for the city, to hear what I am saying,” he said. “On social media, do not feed into anything. Don’t answer anything. Don’t comment on anything.”

Gardner emphasized the nature of social media and that he doesn’t respond to things posted to him regarding the city. 

“You cannot win on social media,” Gardner said. “Do not feed into it. Don’t do it. You can look at it. You can laugh about it. You can scroll down. Don’t feed into it.”

Members of the city council, along with others in the room expressed a need for a social media policy for the city. Gardner agreed, but reiterated his initial statement.

“Anybody that is on city payroll, if it has to do with the City of Minden don’t feed into it,” he said.