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GBT Warns Community of Fraudulent Message Circulation

by Minden Press-Herald

GBT (Gibsland Bank & Trust) has issued a cautionary alert to its community members regarding a recent fraudulent message that is currently circulating. The bank urges recipients of this message to refrain from responding or clicking on any links contained within it.

According to the warning issued on the bank’s official Facebook page, the fraudulent message prompts recipients to click on a link, purportedly leading to an online banking login screen. However, GBT advises against clicking on the link, as it redirects users to a fake online banking portal designed to capture sensitive personal information.

“Please do not respond or click any links if you receive this message,” GBT emphasized in its Facebook post. “Do Not Enter Any Information!!”

The bank stresses the importance of exercising caution and vigilance when encountering such messages to avoid falling victim to potential scams or identity theft. In the event that community members have interacted with the fraudulent message, GBT encourages them to contact their local branch immediately.

This proactive warning from GBT aims to protect its customers and the broader community from falling prey to fraudulent schemes and safeguard their financial information and personal data.

GBT advises customers to remain vigilant and to report any suspicious messages or activities to their local branch or to the appropriate authorities. By staying informed and cautious, individuals can help prevent financial fraud and protect themselves from online threats.

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