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Glenbrook holds sports banquet for stellar athletes

by Minden Press-Herald

Glenbrook elementary students have been busy this year in more than just the classroom.

Over 120 Kindergarten through 6th Graders participated in swim, cheer, football, basketball, baseball, and softball for the 2015-16 school year. Peewee booster has set out to encourage their young students to stay active, learn the importance of teamwork, and work hard toward their goals at a young age. Elementary sports began at the school in an attempt to teach fundamentals earlier and give the opportunity for players to become stronger as a team before reaching junior high and high school levels.

To honor these athletes, their hard work, and dedication, Glenbrook held an Elementary Sports Awards Night on April 7. Here, students were recognized and applauded for their achievements followed by an array of sweets and treats provided by parents.

Their opponents included other schools in the MAIS district such as Claiborne Academy, Riverdale, Tallulah, Briarfield, Franklin, Jesus Good Shepherd, and Grace Episcopal. The third and fourth grade football team consisted of 25 players who ended their season by earning the MAIS Tackle1 Championship win in Vicksburg, MS against Tallulah. The fifth and sixth grade football team were hot on the field this year and also traveled to Vicksburg where their 18 players walked away as MAIS Tackle2 Runner Up against Jesus Good Shepherd in the final game.

These boys were cheered on all season by 25 of their classmates; the third and sixth grade cheerleaders. The girls attended camp during the summer and worked hard to learn traditional and new cheers to help lead the Apaches to victories. Football was not the only action going on during the fall; swim team was in full stroke from the time school started, consisting of 22 swimmers.

At the State meet, Glenbrook placed fourth out of 19 teams; three of which had over 40 swimmers each. The Apaches earned nine individual awards and five relay awards on top of their fourth place standing. No rest for the weary, though, as the elementary basketball teams followed with a slam dunk winter season.

The fourth grade boys team consisted of 11 players who carried out an undefeated season against their older opponents. Not many schools in the district have fourth grade teams to compete with, so these guys were able to get some great work in as they played teams of higher grade level. In the meantime, fifth and sixth grade boys and girls fired up the court all season and both ended as MAIS Upper Elementary basketball champs. The two teams competed in the championship tournament held in Briarfield where the team of 12 boys defeated Riverfield and the 10 girls defeated Franklin.

Spring came fast as third-sixth grade baseball and softball soon were in full swing. third fourth grade baseball was undefeated all season and ended with its 18 players earning the MAIS Lower Elementary Championship title. fifth and sixth grade baseball pushed its 19 players through an undefeated season as well where they earned the MAIS Upper Elementary Championship title. The girls hit it out of the park, also, where 16 players led their third fourth grade softball team to end with the MAIS Lower Elementary Championship title and the fifth and sixth grade softball team of 15 players earned the MAIS Upper Elementary Championship title.

To say the Glenbrook Elementary Apaches were on fire this year would be an understatement. Seven championship titles earned, two runner-up placements, and multiple individual awards is an accomplishment all are proud of.

Glenbrook and the Elementary Booster would like to thank all of the staff who supported these young students and, especially, the parents who stepped up and offered their time, sweat, and knowledge to coach each child. Your gift is irreplaceable and is more than appreciated.

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