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Glenbrook School to crown 2024 Apache Princess

by Amber McDown

Glenbrook School is gearing up to honor a longstanding tradition by crowning the 2024 Apache Princess. The event, scheduled for Saturday, April 6, will showcase the grace and poise of eleven contestants from the school.

The contenders for this year’s prestigious title include Maggie Whitaker, Amelia Lott, Valeria Avila, Adriana Vandenoord, Hadley Haynes, Kynzie Smith, Lela Margaret Miller, Mackenzie Hooper, Gwenyth Lott, Sophie Downer, and Vivian Still.

The crowning ceremony will take place at the Minden Civic Center, starting at 7 PM. Join us as we celebrate these outstanding students and their contributions to the Glenbrook School community.

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