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Great stress exists in most everyone’s life

 “Psychologists say that death, divorce, and moving are the three greatest factors that we may face in our lives today.

Moving within itself represents a high risk factor to any family as it represents a death of continuity, a separation of relationships.

Experts say that except in the case of military children, that most children can successfully survive two moves while in school, but that the third one will most often be very detrimental to the child’s well-being.

Having moved twenty times in my life, I am here to testify that moving is not only unsettling, it is extremely traumatic at certain times in one’s life. It can literally push us to the very edge of our existence.

What are we to do?

While speaking to a class of school-age children I was overwhelmed at the response from the children as we discussed the therapeutic aspects of writing poetry.

I only knew how I would deal with this subject with adults, so I tried to bring it down to their level.

Hands shot up when I asked how many had to deal with divorce in the family. One little boy said his mother had died when he was only two. Another said he had seen  a family member shot and yet another told me that his grandmother hated him because of his race.

I turned and asked myself and the teacher later on “are we dealing gently with children today? Are we allowing them to ever be babies, are we tender to them? Do we nurture and caress them? Are they ever allowed to be carefree children at play or are they overwhelmed with worry? “

That’s how life is today, in the frenetic effort to make a living. The children are  short changed of gentleness, of cuddling, of nurturing, which is not what I came here today to write to about but what should be said.

What I came to extol  is the overwhelming necessity of finding a sense of calm in the eye of the storm — a therapy in the midst a chaos. That therapy can only can be found in writing our thoughts down  in both poetry and prose.

Perhaps we, today, live in the worst of times as  we have become so disconnected and fragmented at the root, the base of our homes.

And as we come to grips, we need the sheltering arms and support that can only be found not in background noise but of learning who we really are as we listen to  our own inner voice and record those insights when they occur, that we might not only receive therapy but lend support and leave a legacy for others to follow as they struggle to hear their own inner voice and find out who they really are and can become!

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