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Growing local leaders

by Minden Press-Herald

Clement partners with LSUS for training program

Clement Industries recognized 14 employees for completing a leadership training program developed in partnership with LSUS Wednesday with a luncheon. 

“Today we are recognizing the people that have been through the leadership training program we developed jointly with LSUS. We’re trying to develop the leaders and grow new leaders within our company,”  president of Clement Industries, Greg Leon said. 

This six week program focuses on the influence of a leader, critical soft skills and how leaders can handle and resolve conflict in a productive way. 

“The program also teaches leaders how to improve communication, how to steer away from communication breakdowns and how to steer away from negativity in the workforce,” Brent Wallace with the Continuing Education Department at LSUS said.  

Wallace and Trey Gibson, Director of Debate at LSUS visited the company weekly to go through individual leadership modules with the employees chosen for the program. They met with the employees before beginning the program to learn more about them and what their needs were. 

“We met back in the summer months and did pre-interviews and surfaced some issues. We don’t see ourselves as the end all, but we were facilitating and drawing out some experiences because we have some people that have worked here for 38 years. So, they have the knowledge and we tried to draw that in and build that into our program,” Wallace said. 

“It was an open exchange type of training. We get to learn that way too,” Gibson said, “It’s about developing that person to become better wherever they go.” 

This is the first leadership training program, however ,Leon plans to host more.

 “We’re starting this training and there’s some additional training too that we’re looking at. It’s our way of trying to grow and develop the workplace and grow and develop you. I think what these guys will tell you from the training, it should be beneficial here at the company but it should also be beneficial to you here or if you work somewhere else as well,” Leon said to the employees at the luncheon. 

“It’s given them new tools to do their jobs better as leaders in the company and we see a return that way but then we also see the fact that developing them as individuals helps them in their career whether it’s here at Clement or somewhere else in the future,” Leon said.  

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