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Holland: Climate change causes everything according to media

by Minden Press-Herald

It was as predictable as the sun rising in the east. The (Shreveport) Times suggesting that climate change caused the New Orleans tornado. (Does climate change cause everything?) No, climate change didn’t cause the tornado in New Orleans. Even if this was the first tornado ever to hit New Orleans it doesn’t mean climate change caused it. Climate has always been changing. If the witch hunters of the climate change fraud movement get their way and force everybody onto a bicycle or electric car with a solar panel on their roof and windmill in their backyard it won’t make a bit of difference in climate or weather. And everybody except the climate change ivory tower rich will live poorer and more primitively.

Additionally, The Times last week referred to a proposed Don’t Say Gay law in Louisiana. This is a false representation of the bill, which as The Times knows or is rather ill-informed if it does not know it. The bill is to protect children from having sexual content pushed on them at ages when sexuality should have nothing to do with their education, and to ban government paid authority figures from poisoning children’s’ minds and emotions with that kind of bilge. Aside from that, has The Times, since its acquisition by the Gannett outfit, ever objected to a factually existing Don’t Say God edicts crammed down from unelected government officials.

Gerald Holland
Springhill, LA

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