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Doug Stinson wins race for 26th Judicial District Court judge 

by Randy Brown

Randy Brown and Stacey Tinsley, Specht Newspapers

Saturday March 26 was Election Day across Bossier and Webster Parishes. At stake was an open seat on the 26th Judicial District court bench (which serves Bossier and Webster Parishes), one property tax millage renewal proposition in Bossier Parish and two property tax millage renewal propositions in Webster Parish.

The race for the 26 Judicial District Court judgeship was won by Doug Stinson with 63 percent (6,317 votes) in Bossier Parish and 57 percent (2,081 votes) in Webster Parish. His opponent, Allie Aiello Stahl, had 37 percent  (3,708 votes) in Bossier Parish and 43 percent (1,570 votes) in Webster Parish. Voter turnout for this race was 13.4 percent in Bossier Parish and 15.3 percent in Webster Parish. Early voting for this race took place March 12 through March 19. 

The vacancy on the 26th Judicial District Court bench for which today’s election was held was created when Judge Charles Jacobs resigned last July in order to become the new city attorney for the City of Bossier City serving under the administration of newly elected Mayor Tommy Chandler who took office on July 1, 2021. 

In candidate profiles published in the Bossier Press-Tribune on March 9, 2022, both candidates stated their reasons for seeking the open seat on the 26th Judicial District Court bench. Doug Stinson stated his desire to continue to serve the public in a different capacity as judge and how he wants to make a positive difference for our community as a judge as being his reasons for becoming a candidate in this race. Stinson is an attorney from Benton. He has a private legal practice, he currently serves as the attorney for the Town of Benton and he has served as an Assistant District Attorney for Bossier and Webster Parishes since 2012. He comes from a long line of public servants and his father, Ford Stinson, Jr., also served as a 26th Judicial District Court judge from 1996-2014. 

Allie Aiello Stahl mentioned her 10 years of service to the citizens of Bossier and Webster Parishes as a prosecutor and her passion of always wanting to help innocent victims of crime, particularly families and young children as being her reasons for entering the race for the 26th Judicial District Court open seat. Stahl is an attorney from Bossier City. She has a private legal practice and she has served as an Assistant District Attorney for Bossier and Webster Parishes for the last 10 years. Her husband Christopher is also an attorney in Bossier City.

Bossier Press-Tribune Managing Editor, Stacey Tinsley, caught up with both candidates at their individual campaign watch events on Saturday night in Bossier City. Stahl held her campaign watch event at BeauxJax in Bossier City’s EastBank District. In conceding the race, she said, “Thank you all for being here tonight, I really appreciate your support. As for the results, they are not what we had hoped for. But, I’m still so thankful for everybody that is here tonight. I’m so proud of the campaign that we have run. I’m very thankful for everybody that has supported me. I have a fabulous team and I am proud of the message that we put out there.”

Stinson held his campaign watch event at DavTac Guns and Ammo on Swan Lake Road in Bossier City. He said, “Thank you for all of the support that I had, especially law enforcement. The fact that law enforcement was willing to get behind me, meant a lot to me. My family and friends have been incredible. It has been pretty amazing seeing everybody rally around me.”

In his March 9, 2022 Bossier Press-Tribune candidate profile, Stinson stated his priorities (if elected) will be to continue what he has done for his entire career – work hard, be prepared for court every day, always be fair, be tough on crime, protect victims’ rights, try to be as efficient as possible, and maintain the integrity of our judicial system. He also said that fairness and  equal justice under the law are the most important aspects of our judicial system, which he intends to uphold. And, he stated that he intends to continue to support law enforcement and how fortunate we are to have such great law enforcement in our district. 

Specht Newspapers will follow-up in the days ahead with additional reports as Stinson prepares to be sworn in as judge.

Also on Saturday’s ballot were Fire Protection District property tax renewal propositions for Bossier and Webster Parishes. In Bossier Parish, there was a 10 year 24.85 Mills property tax renewal for Northeast Bossier Parish Fire Protection District No. 5. This property tax renewal passed by a margin of 72 percent (133 votes) to 28 percent (53 votes) with an unofficial voter turnout of 18.2 percent.

In Webster Parish, a 10 year 10 Mills property tax renewal proposition for the Evergreen Fire Protection District passed by a margin of 94 percent (15 votes) to 6 percent (1 vote). A 10 year 10 Mills In Lieu property tax proposition for Springhill Fire Protection District No. 11 passed by a margin of 62 percent (144 votes) to 38 percent (90 votes). 

Doug Stinson and his wife Lauren take time to stop for a photo at his campaign watch event held on Saturday night in Bossier City. Photo: Stacey Tinsley, Specht Newspapers

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