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Hudson-Pierce: Am I an accident waiting to happen?

by Minden Press-Herald

According to the National Safety Council  53.6 percent of accidents happen at home.

Since most of my accidents occurred at home maybe you can avoid my careless pitfalls.

Where shall I start? Where shall I begin?

On January 6th, 2020,  while spending time with  my  older friend, I found ways to relieve my back pain that has plagued me for years. While lying on the floor  with my legs high up against the wall I fell asleep. A few hours later i noticed a blister  on my left knee cap. 

Because I had no clue what it was before  talking with a friend who insisted I go to’ see Doctor Carter Boyd, my  beloved primary physician, who diagnosed me with a poisonous spider bite.

Not only did he give me antibiotics but for various reasons the bite took six months to heal.

On March 3rd  I tripped over an exercise machine, leaving me badly bruised and in the emergency room three hours later.

Family members  immediately moved the machine far away.

I was just grateful that  I fell rather than my elderly friend.

A few days later the corona-virus lock down officially began, keeping us all out of circulation for a year, but being an introvert I am rarely bored, and enjoy being a homebody. Listening to myself think, I thrive on writing my thoughts down.

On June 4th I fell out of bed, leaving me shaken but not seriously hurt but I went to my  doctor and was assured I didn’t suffer bleeding on the brain.

On September 2nd I tripped and fell rushing into an AT&T store in Shreveport — but not seriously injured.

Nobody’s to blame except me. I tend to become careless when I walk too fast, as is my genetic nature!

You should have seen my four feet eleven inch mother who run-walked every where she went.

And on December 30th I tripped over a pair of shoes, fracturing three toes on my right foot, hopefully giving me a wake up call that I need to slow down, leading me to ask am I an accident waiting to happen?

Trying to be more careful I have obtained a cane, a walker but the best piece I have found is a shopping cart because not only makes me feel more stable and  allows me to run walk wherever I go!

I hope the readers will find some answers to the challenges that the golden years provide.

At the age of 76 my children want  me to live to  107, because my oldest son, Perry, says he won’t miss me so much because he will be in his eighties.

It does make me feel more secure to be loved.

I appreciate my children’s  encouragement.

I know that Jesus  is in control because He the same yesterday, today and forever and He always gets me to the right place at the right time.

Without Him I can do nothing.

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