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Hunters to get tax break this weekend

by Minden Press-Herald

Hunters will get a break on sales taxes this weekend when shopping for hunting supplies.

The 2017 Second Amendment Weekend Sales Tax holiday begins Friday and will end Sunday. It applies to purchases of firearms, ammunition and hunting supplies.

Cyndy Herrington, Webster Parish Sales and Use Tax Commission administrator, said the tax holiday applies to local and state sales
taxes on these items.

Officials with the Department of Revenue say the tax holiday provides for a 2 percent exemption from the state sales tax for eligible items through June 30, 2018.

“During the first weekend in September 2016 and 2017, eligible purchases are subject to 3 percent state sales tax,” according to Department of Revenue officials. “Beginning July 1, 2018, eligible purchases are again exempted fully from the state sales tax.”

Items eligible for tax exemption include: archery items, off-road vehicles, vessels such as airboats and pirogues designed for hunting, accessories designed for hunting, animal feed manufactured for feeding game, hunting apparel, hunting shoes or boots, firearms and knives.

“The Department of Revenue has a list of items eligible for tax exemption,” she said. “As far as local tax, these items are exempt but it has to be based on the state’s exemptions.”

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