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Izzy Gray claims first runner up in Miss Louisiana Teen competition

by Amber McDown

The Miss Louisiana Teen competition in Monroe, Louisiana, saw outstanding performances from contestants Izzy Gray and Scarlet O’Glee, who emerged victorious in the preliminary rounds.

Representing Minden High School, Izzy Gray showcased her exceptional fitness prowess and dedication, securing the preliminary winner title in the jazz group. Her commitment to a healthy lifestyle and outstanding stage performance earned her well-deserved recognition.

Scarlet O’Glee, from Glenbrook School, captivated the audience with her vocal rendition of “In My Dreams” from the Broadway musical Anastasia, earning her the prestigious preliminary talent award for the jazz group. Her skillful execution and passion for performance left a lasting impression on judges and spectators alike.

Both Gray and O’Glee were contenders for the coveted title of Miss Louisiana’s Teen. Their performances in the preliminary rounds solidified their positions as formidable competitors in the pageant. Scarlett O’Glee finished  in the top 11 contestants. Ultimately, Izzy Gray was awarded Miss Congeniality and clinched the spot of first runner up, but the title went to Melissa Le who was crowned Miss Louisiana Teen for 2024.

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