Janetta Robinson of Webster Parish Libraries Achieves Library Support Staff Certification

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Submitted by Webster Parish Libraries to the Minden Press-Herald for publication

Webster Parish Libraries would like to congratulate Janetta Robinson – Technology Assistant, on her recent designation of Certified Library Support Staff. Janetta achieved her certification through the American Library Association. Additionally, Janetta celebrated a service Anniversary earlier this year. We can take inspiration from her passion, hard work, and loyalty that she has displayed throughout her 17 years of service.

The Library Support Staff Certification (LSSC) Program is an ALA approved program that recognizes the achievement of library support staff who work in libraries.  It is based on ten competency sets or skills that are appropriate for academic and public library support staff.  There are three required competency sets and seven elective competency sets.  Candidates take the three required and choose three elective competency sets.  There are two ways to demonstrate competency: take and successfully complete a course approved by the LSSC program, or prepare and submit a portfolio online in the competency area that is assessed by experienced librarians and educators in that competency area. Candidates may choose to complete the program via six portfolios, six approved courses, or a combination of portfolios and approved courses. 

At present, only eleven Library Support Staff employees, including Robinson, have received the certification during the last four years in the State of Louisiana through ALA.  Candidates hold their certification for four years, after which they must renew. Janetta is the first to achieve the certification in the history of Webster Parish Libraries. 

“When I first wanted to learn how to use a computer, there weren’t many resources available.  There were no YouTube videos, no LinkedIn learning platforms, no computer classes where I lived, no family members with knowledge and patience, and no Dummies books with pictures to help me understand.  It was with great difficulty that I began to learn,” says Janetta Robinson, Technology Assistant for Webster Parish Libraries.  “Working for Webster Parish Libraries has given me an excellent opportunity for increasing my learning through its various resources, services, and continuing education requirements, such as the LSSC program.  Part of my duties as the Technology Assistant is to assist patrons with learning how to access and utilize our resources and services.  The LSSC program has broadened my knowledge and given me new resources to help our patrons better.  I am both honored and blessed to be able to pass on to others what I have learned because I truly understand and will never forget what it is like to be a newbie.” 

Savannah Jones, Director of Webster Parish Libraries, emphasized the importance of continued education stating, “Our employees are our most valuable asset. The furthering of their education in the field of library science not only provides a pathway for personal growth, but also better equips them to serve our patrons. Webster Parish Libraries strives to serve our parish residents with upmost, prestige service. Having qualified librarians on staff supports that goal. Janetta is an ambitious, caring individual who loves her library and its patrons, and we are proud of her and her accomplishments.” 

Webster Parish Libraries is genuinely interested in the welfare of our employees and their professional development. We provide and mandate yearly opportunities for WPL employees to “acquire, cultivate, or improve the professional skills and scope of knowledge necessary for him/her to exercise his/her duties wisely, competently, efficiently and above all for the good of the public” with regard to the specific job he/she currently holds. 


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