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Johnson Introduces Common Sense Legislation to Secure Border

by Minden Press-Herald

WASHINGTON — On Tuesday, U.S. Congressman Mike Johnson (LA-04) reintroduced the “Securing our Borders and Wilderness Act,” common sense legislation that removes restrictions for Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) officials to patrol federally-designated “wilderness” areas along the southern border.

“However well-intentioned, the federal wilderness designation for land along our southern border has created a massive blind spot for CBP officials seeking to maintain operational control of the border,” Johnson said. “My legislation would allow CBP officials to effectively carry out their enforcement responsibilities while also maintaining the sanctity of America’s vast wilderness areas.”

This legislation would allow CBP officials to conduct their normal border enforcement activities, carried out in a manner that protects the wilderness character of the area. Agents would be permitted to:

  • Access structures, installations, and roads
  • Execute search and rescue operations
  • Use motor vehicles, motorboats, and motorized equipment
  • Conduct patrols on foot and horseback
  • Use aircraft
  • Deploy tactical infrastructure and technology
  • Construct and maintain roads and physical barriers


Located in both Arizona and California, there are approximately 1.17 million acres of wilderness along the southern border, including 96 linear miles that are currently free of law enforcement. CBP officials cannot use the above enforcement activities in federally-designated wilderness areas, and human traffickers and illegal immigrants have used this loophole to circumvent capture.  

Read more about the legislation in the Daily Caller.

Read the text of the legislation here.

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