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Jury: Mowing to begin soon in ditches

by Minden Press-Herald

The Webster Parish Police Jury is asking its constituents to be patient as they make their way across the parish to bush hog.

Juror Steve Ramsey says they’ve been getting phone calls and complaints about the high grass, and he says due to the extremely wet weather, it’s difficult to get down into the ditches to mow.

“Bush hogging is behind schedule due to all the rain we’ve had,” Ramsey said. “We just haven’t been able to get to it, because it’s just been too wet.”

The normal schedule, he says, is to start in the Doyline area, work their way south and then north. However, this time, they’ve started in the north end and will work their way to Doyline, then south.

They are mowing between Cullen and Sarepta currently.

Ramsey is just asking citizens to bear with them as they get to all the areas that need to be cut as soon as they can.
Public works director Teddy Holloway says bush-hogging season usually begins around the end of March, depending on the weather and ends around November.

“The ditches are wet, and even if we have pretty weather, the ditches still hold water,” he said, “so they can’t mow. The wet weather is the main problem.”

The work is contracted out and the company hired has four tractors and bush hogs.

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