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Karen’s Korner: Allergy season

by Minden Press-Herald

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Allergy season is upon us, and it affects so much of our Senior population! While Spring serves to be one of the most beautiful times of the year, along with it comes pollen, dust, weeds, blooming flowers, and other allergy causing culprits.

As I was reading an article, I came across the following information: “As we age, our immune system inevitably undergoes changes, a process known as immunosenescence. This aging of the immune system affects how the body responds to allergens, often making the diagnosis and treatment of allergies in seniors different from younger individuals.”

The article went on to say, “With advancing age, the immune response can become both weakened and overactive in inappropriate ways. In some seniors, this results in a reduced ability to combat infections and a slower response to vaccinations. Paradoxically, it can also lead to an increased incidence of autoimmune disorders, where the body mistakenly attacks its own tissues, sometimes triggering allergic-like symptoms.”

Wow, that certainly makes sense. As we age, there are so many changes that occur, and some can happen quickly and unexpectedly. We just have to be aware of the situations and circumstances as they arise. The region of the country in which we are located certainly has its share of allergy causing responses and symptoms! There are three major allergies that are common in older adults:   Seasonal Allergies (Pollen, Dust), Food Allergies, and Drug Allergies 

All three of these various allergies can cause very serious symptoms that are often overlooked, especially in senior adults. Most people think that it is a common cold or a short-term illness. Allergies are not to be taken lightly. A medical professional should be contacted if symptoms persist.                                                          

For further information, call the Webster Parish Council on Aging, 318-371-3056!

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