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Karen’s Korner: My Wishes Just For You!

by Minden Press-Herald

Karen’s Korner

My Wishes Just For You!

                     Days with radiant sunlight,

                       with skies of endless blue,

                                     just one of many wishes,

                                I gladly wish for you,

   Memories and those moments

                  you always hold so dear,

                                    of loved ones in your family,

                                   and those who hold you near.

   Friends and new acquaintances

                       who grow and multiply.

                                   Positive thoughts and funny things

                            to dry a tearful eye,

                     A time for new experiences,

                            in places you may go

                                   and many fun adventures

  as only you can know.

                        I wish you love abounding,

                           and laughter in your heart,

                                   and notes that touch others

                                         as you always live your part.

                        I wish for you a life that is long,

                            with blessings still untold,

                                  and pleasant dreams to dream,

                                         and time to watch them all unfold.


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