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Warm season vegetable gardening

by Minden Press-Herald

By John Monzingo | Assistant County Agent

The official start of spring was March 21. For many, it is that time of year when daylight hours are increasing, bringing warmer days and nights, and it starts encouraging people to spend more time outside. The vegetable gardener is one such person. They start by collecting soil samples, to know the proper nutrients needed for desired crop, and monitor the weather for the optimum time to plant their vegetables. Below are examples of vegetables that can be grown during the spring and summer:

PlantsDates to plantHow to plantSpacingHarvest
Snap Bean3/15-5/15 plant seed 1/2 inch deep2-3 inches48-55 days
Sweet corn3/1-5/15plant seeds 1/2 inch deep10-12 inches69-92 days
Peas4/15-7/31plant seeds 1/2 inch deep4-6 inches70-80 days
Hot Peppers4/1-6/15transplants 1 inch deep12-18 inches70-80 days
Bell Peppers4/1-5/30transplants 1 inch deep12-18 inches70-80 days
Tomatoes3/20-6/30transplants 1 inch deep18-24 inches60-75 days
Watermelons3/15-6/30plant seeds 1/2 inch deep36-60 inches90-110 days
Pumpkin6/15-7/10plant seeds 1/2 inch deep36-60 inches60-120 days
Squash4/1-8/31transplants 1 inch deep2-36 inches50-90 days

You may be thinking I do not have room for a traditional in-ground garden. A simple solution for limited space is a raised bed, window boxes, or simply in 5-gallon buckets. Many of the warm season crops listed, along with others not listed, do well in containerized gardening.

This is not a complete list of warm season vegetables. These are just the ones I enjoy growing. For more vegetables and varieties, please contact John Monzingo at 318-927-3110 or 318-371-1371.

It is the policy of the Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service that no person shall be subject to discrimination on the grounds of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, or disability.

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