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Krushers, Bulldogs get big wins Thursday

by Minden Press-Herald

Kennon Krushers 15
Gray’s Jewelry 4

Leigha Gilbert led Kennon with a tripled, double and single, followed by Baleigh Haulcy with two doubles and one single. Brooklyn Davis had four singles, Charlie Flournoy had a double and two singles and Syniah Rabb, Maddison Tillman, Tatum Oliver, Ahmani Hawkins, Serenity Hartwell and Keyonia Richardson all had two singles.IMG_2473

Baylee Bonsall and Hadley Haynes led the way for Gray’s with a double and single each, followed by Lauren Barrett and McKenna Chreene with two singles. Lanie Gates, Izzy Miller and Madison McGraw added base hits.

Bon Temps 12
Coleman Appraisals 9

Loren Sivils tripled and singled, followed by Aaliyah Allen with a double and single for Bon Temps. Jaydee Tuttle and Sunni Franks added three singles each, followed by Lizzie Balkom, Aynslea Maus and Elizabeth Burson with two singles. Maggie Mandino had a big night, smacking a pair of doubles and Maggie Pesnell added a base hit.

Jamie Long doubled and singled twice for Coleman Appraisals, followed by Ragan Wiggins and Lexi Morrow with a double and single each. Madison Walker and Hailey Guthrie singled three times each, Zoie Salsburg, Joslyn Rabb, Kaydee Johns and Erin Hunter had two singles each and Madison Franklin and Aaliyah Garrett added base hits.

Pride 4
Filly Express 1

Emalyn Anders had the only hit for Pride, a single. Vivian Still was solid in the circle, striking out seven batters.
Filly Express was led by Kaydree Kemp with a double and single, followed by Kylie Ryan with a base hit. Kemp struck out four batters on the mound for Filly Express and Ryan struck out three.

Timberland Elite 15
Lifesavers 3

Elyse Jackson blasted two home runs and Rainie Hughes smoked a grand slam home run to lead Elite. Colby Hollis added a big homer of her own, followed by Kenzie Warmack and Lily Giddens with doubles, Landry Thomas with two singles and Emily Barrios and Landry Thomas with base hits.

Trinity Easom had a single for Lifesavers and Asia Blow struck out two batters.

Shapell Oil 15
Her-ricanes 13

Miranda Crabtree doubled, Camille Martin singled twice and Lauren Cheatham and Gracie Green added base hits for Shapell. Livi McKenzie continued her stellar pitching, striking out nine batters.

Ada Gilbert crushed a home run, tripled and singled in a big game for the Her-ricanes. Addison Thomas, Anointess Scott, Ty Spencer and Keambre Franklin added base hits. Franklin struck out five batters.

Haughton Rockers 11
Minden Heat 4

Reanna Crumpler had two triples and Caitlyn Ward had a triple, double and single to lead Haughton. Mayghan Myers had three singles, Kenzie Giese had two singles, Jillian Compton and Alayna Patton added a double and single each and Maddie Giese had a base hit. Myers struck out eight batters in the circle.

Bridget Morgan, Erin Lee, Emma Mayfield and Taylor Bumgardner had base hits for the Heat.

Glenbrook 16
Southern Heat 1

Alyssa Martin tripled and doubled for Glenbrook, followed by Faith Earnhardt and Kara Bryce with doubles. Kelsey Coburn, Hannah Mosley, Emma Earnhardt, Emma Pitman, Gabbie Salas, Reese Hanson and Presley Tyler added base hits.
Reegan Harris had a double for Southern Heat and Halie Cross struck out two batters pitching.

Coach Pitch
Advanced 3
Braves 3

Cullen Simpson and Colton Jellum had singles for Advanced.

Drake Chreene had two singles for Braves, followed by Baron Bower and Caleb Rolen with doubles and Tate Fegley with a single.

Wimberly 14

Kleaton Davis had two doubles and a single, followed by Carson Powell with three singles, Bryson Finley, Braydon Floyd and Carter Ball with two singles and Landon Stallings, Max Wimberly, Tanner Ogletree, Carson Whitehead and Cade Liles with base hits.

Nolan Waller singled twice for MBL, followed by Ben Barnette, Abreon Curry and Tate Machen with base hits.

Force 13
Log Cabin Outlaws 0

Jackson Waller hit two home runs for Force, Preston Frye tripled and singled, Nolan Still doubled and singled, Levi Miller and Landon Rushing singled twice and Eli Still, Matthew Michael, Eli Bray and Garrett Adams added base hits.

Minden Farm & Garden 13
Wrecking Crew 4

Landon Finley homered and singled to lead Farm & Garden, followed by Tanner Johnson and Jaxon Melton with a triple and single. Connor Williams doubled, Garrett Basinger and Bryce Parker had two singles and Peyton Campbell, Noah Redding, Jameson Bray, Jake Glass, Eli Campbell and Jessie Montoya added base hits.

Bryan Molina had a double and single for Wrecking Crew and Kyler Monk added a single.

Elm St. Dental Tigers 9

Seth Mangrum tripled and Hunter Sutton and JaBraylon Holmes added base hits for the Tigers. Dawson Day pitched well for the Tigers, striking out six batters.

Omarion Corley doubled for the Crushers only hit. Jekoye Knowles pitched well also, striking out six batters.

Dixie Youth
Minden Athletic 9
Red Birds 5

Brandon Klimkiewicz tripled and singled for Minden Athletic, followed by A.J. Coleman who crushed an outside the park homerun. Landon Hopkins doubled twice, Price Miller and Kenny James singled twice and Parker Cupples and Koby Mangrum added base hits. Cupples added four strikeouts in a solid game on the mound.

Connor Humphreys led the Redbirds with a double and two singles, followed by Andrew Cooper, Charles Berry and Matthew Harris with singles. Humphrey struck out three batters on the mound.

Waste Commander 15
Elm St. Tigers 3

J.T. Edge doubled and Riley Harris and Tyler Tharpe singled for Elm St. Dental.

Brandon Winston tripled and singled for Waste Commander, Keaton Lofton doubled and Aiden Reeves, R.J. Dillard and Riley Streetman added base hits. Parker Cooper struck out four batters for Waste Commander.

MPC Bulldogs 12
Benton & Brown 2

Drake Freeman hit a home run to lead the Bulldogs, Jacob Hortman tripled and singled, Peyton Wells and Grady Brasher doubled and Cale Hollis, Nick Mercer, Derek Flournoy and Ty Green added base hits. Kendall Flournoy struck out eight batters in a great, no-hit effort.

Kyle Spears struck out for batters for Benton & Brown.

Dixie Boys
Lakeside 5
Webster 4

Trevor Randle tripled, doubled and singled for Lakeside. Landon Rasberry, Hunter Guthrie and Grayson Lamar added singles.

Hayden Brown and Carson Fields had singles for Webster.

Bombers 10
Blasters 8

Nate Smith tripled, Elijah Winters and Peyton Allen doubled and Antravious Allen, Blaine Sparks and Wesley Butts singled for the Bombers. Sparks struck out four batters and Tanner Chachere struck out four.

Cody Johnson homered for the blasters, followed by Adriana Perea and Ethan Busby with two singles. Christian Stevens, De’mareya Howard Connor Dunfey and Keegan Frizzell singled. Dalston Mosley struck out five.

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