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Letter: Changes in the downtown laws are necessary

by Minden Press-Herald

It does appear changes in the laws authorizing the Minden Downtown Development Commissioners are necessary.

There is an expression “skin in the game” meaning the participant has a personal and monetary investment in the activity. It appears to me, the changes in the law must insure “skin in the game.”

Therefore, I recommend the revised law specify qualifications for the Downtown Development District Commissioners should only require, “Have a place of business and/or profession or own property in the Minden Downtown Development District.”

That they have other places of business or profession, or where they reside, does not add or subtract from their degree of “skin in the game.” Active investment should be the ONLY qualification.

I have been a resident of Minden/Webster Parish since 1975. Though the population is little changed from then, the area has grown and improved. We now have some of the dining and shopping which formerly required a drive to Shreveport/Bossier City. Let us make sensible changes in the law and help the Downtown Development District Commission do its job.

Lee Estabrook

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