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Letter: Unequal application of law between Biden, Trump

by David Specht

Even if Pres.  Biden was caught red-handed giving documents to China’s dictator, Xi Jinping, and was tried in a Washington, D C  courtroom, he would be found not guilty. On the other hand, if Donald Trump was tried in D. C. for jaywalking, he would be found guilty and sentenced punitively. 

This was proven again yesterday when a D. C. court awarded Michael “Hockey Stick” Mann a one-million-dollar punitive damages judgment against Mark Steyn for making fun of Mann’s climate change theory.  Steyn is brilliant writer, much admired by conservatives, and a Canadian citizen. Mann is a vicious climate changist who has ruined peoples’ lives for publicly doubting climate change dogma. Mann got a one-dollar compensatory damages award, but Steyn, in court, had lacerated the American system of “justice” for the twelve-year legal torture he has been through in the United States, especially Washington, D C. So, in a ‘we’ll show you, Mister Foreigner,’ decision, the jury threw the book at Steyn, punishing him for scorning America’s constipatingly slow process of civil justice. (Steyn’s co-defendant in the trail was assessed only $1,000.)  Any time a Republican or conservative is likely to be tried in a District of Columbia court, they might as well throw in the towel and submit to the legal whipping that they will undoubtedly get at the hands of a ninety-five percent Democrat jury and judge.

The American press stood behind Steyn’s press and speech freedoms – way, way, way behind. So far behind that those loud screechers of press freedom could not be heard or seen.

Gerald Holland

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