Louisiana Supreme Court Justices, judges throughout the state, the Law Library of Louisiana and  court staff are observing Black History Month in February through civic education initiatives that  call attention to African American contributions to history and the legal profession. These initiatives  will emphasize and recount these contributions through interaction with local school students and  special informational publications and displays that are available to the public. 

As in years past, the Louisiana Supreme Court hosted students from Homer A. Plessy Community  School for a book reading and Q&A session by the Justices, which was digitally recorded and  shared with the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) and the Louisiana  Department of Education (LDOE) for distribution to elementary schools statewide. 

In alignment with the ongoing Judges in the Classroom/Students in the Courtroom initiative, judges  throughout the state will incorporate historical facts regarding prominent African Americans’  accomplishments and contributions to history during their presentations as they visit schools during  Black History Month. The Judges in the Classroom/Student in the Courtroom initiative works year 

round in partnership with the BESE and LDOE, as well as the Louisiana Center for Law and Civic  Education, the Louisiana Commission on Civic Education, and judges’ organizational groups. 

Louisiana Supreme Court Chief Justice John L. Weimer said, “As part of our continuing civic  education initiatives, my Colleagues on the Supreme Court and judges throughout Louisiana consistently engage in creative ways to enlighten students and the community on the diverse  contributions and accomplishments woven into the state’s justice system. Black History Month  offers the opportunity to share African American achievements that may have historically been 

overlooked and is a time to reflect on the development of the legal system that allows our diverse  citizenry the liberties we enjoy today.”  

Law Library of Louisiana Director Miriam Childs announced several additional educational outreach  initiatives scheduled for February. They include four weekly special issues of the Law Library’s  newsletter, De Novo, featuring: Louis A. Martinet, Thomas Morris Chester, Retired First Circuit  Court of Appeal Judge Freddie Pitcher, Jr, and First Circuit Court of Appeal Chief Judge John  Michael Guidry. Educational outreach initiatives can be accessed on the Louisiana Supreme  Court’s Press Room page under the Black History Month link. 

Louisiana Supreme Court Mission: To preserve the integrity of the judiciary, to build and maintain  public trust, to provide effective and efficient administration of justice in the Supreme Court, to  ensure proper administration and performance of all courts under Supreme Court authority, and to  ensure the highest professional conduct, integrity, and competence of the bench and bar.