(left to right) Louisiana Supreme Court Justice John L. Weimer, 2022-23 LBF President Alan Brackett, Justice Piper D. Griffin, and Justice James T. Genovese

New Orleans, LA – On Friday, April 21, 2023, the Louisiana Supreme Court received the  Louisiana Bar Foundation (LBF) 2023 Horn Blower Award during the LBF 37th Annual  Fellows Gala at the National World War II Museum. The award was given in recognition  of the Supreme Court’s outstanding support and leadership in promoting the LBF’s 

mission to advance the legal profession, increase public understanding of the legal  system, and advance the reality of equal justice under the law. Alan G. Brackett, 2022- 23 LBF president, presented the award to Chief Justice John L. Weimer, Justice James  T. Genovese, and Justice Piper D. Griffin, who accepted the award on behalf of the  Justices of the Louisiana Supreme Court, including Justices Jefferson D. Hughes III, Scott  J. Crichton, William J. Crain and Jay B. McCallum.  

“The Supreme Court is honored and grateful to receive the award from the LBF, which is  a truly outstanding group consisting of judges and attorneys who volunteer their time,  talent, and financial support to insure underprivileged individuals have access to civil  justice in the courts of our state,” said Chief Justice Weimer. “Although the Court was  honored to receive the award, it is the countless volunteer judges and lawyers who work  so tirelessly who truly deserve the honor.” 

Additional honorees recognized at the LBF Gala included Distinguished Jurist Honorable  Richard T. Haik, Ret., U.S. District Court, Western District of Louisiana; Distinguished  Attorney Leo C. Hamilton, Esq. of Breazeale, Sachse & Wilson, L.L.P.; Distinguished  Professor Andrea Beauchamp Carroll, LSU Paul M. Hebert Law Center; and Calogero  Justice Award recipient Judge Ivan L. R. Lemelle, U.S. District Court, Eastern District of  Louisiana. 

The Louisiana Bar Foundation exists to preserve, honor, and improve our system of justice  by funding, developing or otherwise promoting efforts which enhance the legal profession,  increase public understanding of the legal system and advance the reality of equal justice  under the law. The foundation is the single statewide funder that is fully committed to 

ensuring that Louisiana’s civil justice system is accessible to all. With its robust network  of well-established partnerships with more than 70 grantees across the state’s 64 parishes  that are leading community-driven efforts, the foundation helps hundreds of thousands of  Louisiana residents gain access to the legal system regardless of mental or physical  condition, economic status, or type of legal problem. 

Louisiana Supreme Court Mission: To preserve the integrity of the judiciary, to build  and maintain public trust, to provide effective and efficient administration of justice in the  Supreme Court, to ensure proper administration and performance of all courts under  Supreme Court authority, and to ensure the highest professional conduct, integrity, and  competence of the bench and bar. For more information visit The Louisiana Bar Foundation website at raisingthebar.org , visit lasc.org or  contact Louisiana Supreme Court Public Information Specialist/Coordinator Trina S. Vincent at  tvincent@lasc.org or (504) 310-2590.